by Optimized Traffic Bot 2016 [15000$ in 4 Months] Optimized Traffic Bot 2016 [15000$ in 4 Months] is one of the Biggest Shorten Links Site on the planet! Nowadays People are searching all over the internet even i searched to find if there is any BOT, AUTO  CLICKER or some Hack  for shortest 2015. If you are one of them then you are at the right place. SupremeTrafficBot is the Answer for your Searches. I have been using this from 6 Months. So Don’t Just waste your time searching all over the internet for shortest Bot and end up losing your money on some fake bots.

This SupremeTrafficBot is one of the most fastest and undetectable Bot for shortest ever created. It Uses Purely Private proxies and hence  give a 100% guarantee that the Account Will Not Be Banned. There is also an advanced option which gives an ability to choose your desired traffic source to your link, which  includes Google,YouTube and Direct traffic. Direct traffic sends visitors extremely faster compared to the other two traffic sources, but we recommend not to use that !. Just follow the instruction from below and get 1000’s of visitors to your shortest account in just a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

SupremeTrafficBot Advantages :

✔ Generate Website Visits
✔ Boost Blog Visits
✔ Optimized for Adfly, & Linkbucks etc (What we need)
✔ Increase Video Views
✔ Multithreaded Operation
✔ Smart Proxy Support

Download The Bot here –> SupremeTrafficBot (42 MB)

(Instruction Manual Also Included)

Supreme Traffic Bot’s is optimized to work with Adfly,, Linkbucks & Adfocus links with ease and generates massive income. Built in Setting allows you auto skip ads. You can manually select the countries from where you want to drive the traffic and earn accordingly and there are many features. 25% of the Complete users who are using Supreme Traffic Bot are using it for Generating Income through Shorten Links. No need to worry about account ban. We have complete Anti – Ban Protection.
I have been using it for 4 months. and Already received 8524.66$ from and around 7200$ from Adfly. But i didn’t receive any warning from both the networks. Thanks to SupremeTrafficBot Anti Ban Protection.
I only Select USA, Australia and European Countries to increase me eCPM :). works better compared to Adfly.
My Earnings 🙂
My Adfly Earnings 🙂

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